††††††† Purpose and Methods

About half of the Kenyan population is unemployed. Partly, this is due to a lack of, or no education at all. Especially girls are first taken from school when there is a lack of money, while they usually are the ones who have to care for the family at a later age.


We want to make sure that the children we sponsor at least get an education at High School or a technical school. Itís even better to have them attend College or University, when possible. As a result, the children will have a good start in society. Their opportunities for a job and thus a better future are increasing significantly. Education is the only way to break the circle of poverty. UN research has shown that educating women is one of the most effective ways to improve the economic well-being of a community.


Once you become a sponsor with an assigned child, the foundation ensures that your donations will be paid to your child. We only support students and never schools.


How do we reach the children who need support?

When we get a sponsor who wishes to support a child financially, we look for a child in a family in which we already have or had a child. This has the advantage that we do not need to do more research for usefulness and necessity. And so allocation can be realized easily.


After allocation, payment of school fees and other fees (click here for details) is made through the M-Pesa system. The parents/guardians/students have to produce a receipt.


All bills concerning the previously mentioned shall be presented for inspection to the field assistants appointed by us and, if approved, sent to the treasurer of the foundation.


The promised allowance will never be exceeded.


When no receipts are presented for funds that have been used, an investigation by our field assistant will follow. When she concludes that the funds are not used for the goal for which they were intended, all further payments will be ended. The parents/guardians/students, the school and the sponsor will be informed in writing about this decision. The decision is final.


Each semester, the parents/guardians/students have to show a progress report of the student to the field assistant, which, after approval, will be sent to the secretary of the foundation. When the results and/or motivation are insufficient, the foundation reserves the right to revise the funds.


In average, each year two board members will travel to Kenya to check the aforementioned, the schools, the fieldassistants and the parents/guardians/students. Travel and subsistence expenses will be donated to the foundation by the board members.


The costs for educational trips and workshops for children in Kenya and for training of staff members will be paid from a separate budget which has been allocated for this purpose. These costs are NOT included in the annual donation. When necessary, the board appeals to sponsors for an additional fee. Each year in January, each sponsor receives a written statement with justification for the way his/her donation has been spent.


Once a year a day is organized for sponsors and other interested persons. This is always the 2nd Saturday of October and lasts from 14.00h to 17.00h. For an impression, click here.