Condoleance Jan Fokkes

Bijna alle studenten hebben hun medeleven betoond bij het verlies van Jan. Hieronder een greep van de reacties. Wilt u zelf ook een reactie achterlaten? Dat kan door een mail te sturen naar het mailadres:

We proberen het daarna zsm hieronder te plaatsen.



Sophia Kahindi: Sorry for the loss of our Dear JAN let's all be sorry.he was indeed a good man!


Zainab Francis: Sorry my friends for the loss of our founder, it was so sudden. Thanks for  remembering our beloved  father, friend Jan mwambogo. May his soul rest in internal peace


John Mchonga: Very very devastating news of Jan's sudden departure. We mourn together.


Phelis Nyamawi: Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort us tomorrow.


Rina Wambua: my condolences ..may he continue resting in peace


Salama Kazungu: Am sorry for the loss of our beloved Jan,  May he rest in peace, indeed he is a hero


Rehema Charo: I'm very very sorry my dear for the loss of our beloved Jan may he rest in peace. He was a good father for everyone. We loved him but God loved him the most.


Patrick Tsuma: hi everyone... it's a sad moment for the loss of our own beloved Jan. he was a father to us all and he will always be in our hearts. we loved him but God loved him most.... may his soul rest in eternal peace.....


Dama Kazungu: Good evening everyone, heard the sudden demise of our dad, friend and founder of the mtwapa stitching foundation, its hard to believe that he is no more ,was a more than a father to me his demise has left a big gap in my heart that no one can replace but we can´t complain because its God´s work lets his soul rest in eternal peace  until we meet again in heaven #my heart is sobbing with pain. its well


Mose Salim: It's unbelievable! I'm sorry for the loss of our founder, Jan the great icon with a big heart! We as a family will miss him but will live to remember  as he always said Kenya is my second home, I have a big family! We loved Jan but God loved him the most. May his soul rest in eternal peace


Mishy Salim: Death brings pain that time can only heal, no words could ease what we truly feel, but with God his joy is eternally and cherish his memories that death cannot steal, Jan is someone special that can never be forgotten deepest condolences ......Mishy


Jackline Kadzo: May his soul of  a were big  friend father rest in eternal peace,  you have done nice things for us  that are never forgotten  dear we are remember you every  now and then 


Esther Kalume: I send my condolences to the family of Jan fokkes, relatives, the board members and all the members of mtwapa foundation.  I actually have not accept the fact that my hero is missing my mind and my heart are still heavy. Jan you were really a great person, selfless, loving, caring for me you were more than a friend. You were like a father to me since you played the role of a real father unto my life. You were there when I needed you most I remember when i lost hope in education and believed education was only for the young age people but you proved me wrong and said education is for everyone young and old again you assured me that education can be for all meaning both boys and girls even though in Africa that was a night mare in the olden days but you only asked me to give it a try together so we prove to the whole society that education is the only key and for all because you really believed on me and not by my age. you urged  me to put more effort and concentrate yet you never stop encouraged me always. finally I made it and come to learn that there is nothing impossible if you believe you can. Jan I can say you're behind every my successful story you walked with me and never look down on me or my situation I'm from nowhere and from nothing but here IAM now I can stand and proudly say I'm something special. Thank you jan🙏. Jan you are  my father and forever you will always shine in my heart I will never forget you and your good deeds even though education in Africa was not that easy    but Jan you fought for the right things and brought all this to the reality  for me and to the society around. I know you're in the right place in heaven and dancing with the Angels for a great person deserves a better reward so may the Lord choose the best place for you my dad for you deserve it. Continue resting in peace Jan and say hello to your beloved wife mum DINNY and your friend Jan.Harryvan. I loved you but God loved you most. R.I.P  MY FOREVER HERO


Nancy Kahindi: May he rest easy


John Mtana: Continue resting with ease our hero. You lived a legacy .Too much sorrow and pain in our hearts but it's all God's plan. forever in our hearts


Nuru Abdalla: Even in death you are still loved and forever will be. You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude. We are not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now. I pray you find peace and rest wherever you are. We will always remember him, his memories will never be erased from our hearts, and may Allah help her daughter Liesbeth in this hard time, and we will keep her in our prayers.


Mose Salim: Hello everyone...


Let me thank God for His mercies that we are alive today. It is by His grace and may His will be done.

I take this opportunity to say a word of prayer and thanks giving to our friend, the father of many and founder of the Mtwapa foundation. It is so soon and hard to believe you're gone!  World's Apart but with God's hand, you brought an oasis of comfort to the needy souls. Kenya was your second home and got a name. Jan Mwambogo with your family and friends connected hands and had a great purpose of making sure, you build a bridge to bring a difference in the lives of the needy children in Kenya. With your good deeds which spoke more than words, caring, loving, supportive and concern is something to remember in life. You worked so hard, without tiring or getting wearing.  Your devotion, whole heartedly, with big hearts you gave your all so to help others. Your dream was to see a bright future ahead of the Mtwapa family through Education which is the key to the future. Dear Jan, we've seen the fruits of your labor. Indeed you're a HERO!

As a friend, family, it's difficult time knowing that we will never see you in Kenya again as you always visited us and shared great moments together!!. You had plans to be with us soon without knowing the call from heaven was at hand! Death is the way for us all to return to our creator. The word of God says, we're all travellers and have no permanent home in the planet Earth for dust we are, and to dust we shall return. Dear friend Jan, It was so unexpectedly,  we've to accept the fact that your time to be with God had come and you answered your heavenly father's call. That's God's will.

Jan and mum Diny, you did your best in the race,  may the Lord our God, the righteous judge award you with a victory prize according to His will. Jan and Diny were wonderful and special people to us, you've very special places in our hearts and we will live to remember you forever. The gap you left, will never be filled. LOVE YOU FOREVER. MTWAPA FAMILY. THANKS JAN. Though you're gone, in our hearts you live. May God Rest your Soul in eternal Peace. Amen.


Marty Eenkhoorn: We, on the Netherlands, feel your unconditional great love and thankfulness for the life of your father Jan. We, the board members, wants to let you know we’re sharing your feelings and we appreciate all your words, messages, prayers and we’ll also be with you all in our minds. Together we share the loss of our friend..


Tjibbe Haanstra: Beloved “students” and family,

I would like to wish you personal strength with the loss of you Jan, father, hero ….

Thank you so much for all your messages. Hope Jan may live on in your thoughts ands never forget him and does not forget his daughter Liesbeth. With loving greetings,

Tjibbe Haanstra

Treasurer of the Mtwapa Foundation


Alfred Eenkhoorn: Dear Mtwapa-family members, I would like to bring my sincere condolences with the loss of our great friend and father, to all of you. May God help you on this hard day of the final farewell! With love,

Alfred Eenkhoorn,

Board member of the Mtwapa foundation.


Mercy Mwangata: Continue rest in peace papa Jan may the heavens give Liz ,Bram and the rest peace that surpasses human understanding


Marianne Haanstra: Dear members of the Mtwapa  Foundation, many thanks for all the messages, photos, good wishes, love and more. We will missing Jan, our father, so much. But we are very thankful for all he have done for you all. Today it was a good day here and in Kenya to remember our dearest Jan. Thanks for all. With love Marianne, board member


Clasien IJnema: Dear all in Kenya. I also want to offer my condolences on the loss of your dear friend and father.  Jan has meant a lot to you and us.  We will miss him very much.  I am thinking of you and wish that you can find support in each other.  Pass on his love and friendship!

With kind regards from Clasien IJnema,

Board member of the Mtwapa foundation.