Help our girls in Mtwapa (Kenya)

We are helping a small group of children in and around Mtwapa (Kenya) with their education. Disadvantaged children, especially girls, who otherwise would not be able to attend school.


We have deliberately chosen to help each child on an individual base. When the child still goes to primary school, the parents are responsible and when the child is ready for it, the child can take its own responsibility for his or her education. We consider it of importance that people learn to take responsibility for their own lives.




Alternative sponsorday

Last October we used a different way to inform our donors. This time we personally called all donors and caught up. This has been very well received! We have been able to reach more people than we would otherwise receive on sponsorday.


Food aid at Christmas

In December we distributed an extra round of food. The responses showed that it was very necessary.



Update students

Vanessa (from Jordan) and Jamila (from Libya) have recently returned to Kenya after a long time. They worked there to provide for their family in Kenya. We are very happy that they are back safely.

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maandag 5 februari 2024

secretary / treasurer:

Dhr. T. Haanstra


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Bank account number:

IBAN NL46 INGB 0005 0900 43

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Practical support in Kenya is given by two local fieldassistants Mose and Anna). This construction makes it possible to keep remote control and still provide adequate support within the framework of the objectives of the foundation.


The reason we mainly support girls has to do with the Kenyan culture and the related practice. In short, you could say that boys have the longest school time and girls have to provide the income later. Not really an ideal situation.


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