Why this foundation?


1.      The Mtwapa Stichting (this foundation) has only volunteers as board members and employees, who donate all charges to the foundation. So the board costs are NIL.


2.      Travel and subsistence expenses of the board members and volunteers travelling to Kenya and the costs of all activities organized by them in Kenya will be donated to the foundation. So the travel and stay of board members to and from Kenya cost the foundation NOTHING.


3.      In the Netherlands, on the 2nd Saturday afternoon in October an event is organized for sponsors and other interested people during which the sponsors are comprehensively informed about the results of the foundation. The total costs of this event are less than 250,-


4.      The organization costs in the Netherlands are only approximately 0.8% of the total income.


5.      Each sponsor will receive an overview showing how his or hers donations have been spent in the past year.


6.      Any sponsor who sponsors a child can write with that child.


7.      The two field assistants (volunteers) in Kenya do NOT get salary. However, their expenses will be reimbursed and they are entitled to medical care (doctor).


8.      The organization costs in Kenya are approximately 2.4% of sponsors revenue (travel, internet, telephone and medical expenses).


9.      There is no age limit set for the children for the beginning or end of their study.


10.   If you have an empty stomach or when you’re sick, you cannot study. Therefore, the foundation also helps if there is no money for food or when a child is ill.


11.   When resources permit (sponsorship or scholarship), children can have a two or more year education through College or University.


12.   The foundation supports a maximum of 20 families, which makes it possible for the board to know all children and their parents personally. This makes a good control possible.


13.   The foundation is recognized as an ANBI institution by the Dutch tax authorities and therefore your donations are tax deductible in accordance with the rules of the tax authorities.


14.   You can have a 5-year contract with the foundation for a fixed annual gift, in which case these gifts, regardless how much, are FULLY tax deductible (Dutch tax regulation).